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An Intimate, Beacon Hill Art Gallery Wedding – Nina + Travis

Beacon Hill is as classic Boston as you can get. From the brick sidewalks, brownstone houses and the lovely flora woven throughout. Getting able to photograph an intimate, Beacon Hill Art Gallery Wedding at the Sloan Merrill Gallery was such a treat! Nina and Travis gathered their ten closest family and friends to share vows, laughs and Kentucky Bourbon. After their ceremony, we explored the little nooks and crannies of Beacon Hill in search of cobblestone, brick and ivy, in order to create timeless, Boston portraits. Family and friends stayed at the gallery to enjoy food and company. Nina and Travis… Thank you so much for allowing me to capture such a special moment in your lives!

nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-2 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-6 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-10nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-14 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-15nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-28 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-22 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-24 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-27nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-32 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-35nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-38 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-36nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-42nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-48nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-51 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-52 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-53 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-54 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-58 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-59 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-61 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-66 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-68 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-70nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-83nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-251nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-261nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-114 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-117 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-120nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-19 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-123nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-127 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-128 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-130 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-131nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-134 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-135nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-142nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-246 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-144nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-150 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-151 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-152nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-159nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-161nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-162nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-171 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-173 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-174nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-178 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-180 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-184 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-185 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-186 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-188 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-196 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-198 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-203 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-211 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-212 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-216 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-221 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-222 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-223 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-224 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-226nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-233 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-236 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-237 nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-241nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-243nina-travis-wedding-day-for-print-265


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Gorgeous Fog Rolls Through Boston Engagement Session

There’s no need to worry if there isn’t going to be blue skies and white puffy clouds during your engagement session (or even wedding!). Actually, what one might consider bad weather during your engagement session can create an opportunity for your photos to be unique to you.

We started TusaRebecca and Steve’s engagement session at Castle Island in South Boston. They brought their doggie, Baxter, along and we had such a nice time together. An extremely heavy and damp fog rolled in before the session began, which created a really unique situation. The soft, grey fog provided a romantic backdrop for our time at the park. At one point it was so thick that we couldn’t even see the water right behind them (second image).

After spending some time at Castle Island, we dropped Baxter off at their place and headed into the heart of Boston to the Public Gardens. By then, the skies had cleared up and the weather gave us a soft cloud cover, which also prepared the way for an unforgettable, pink sunset. We ended their engagement session down by the Esplanade where TusaRebecca and Steve joined in on a dance meet-up taking place on the docks. They fit right in!

TusaRebecca and Steve were both so fun and playful during their session. Bringing their dog Baxter along for part of the time, allowed them to get meaningful photos with him as well. Every weather situation presents its own challenges, but as long as you’re ready and accepting of them, you can have a wonderful time no matter what the circumstances are. For example, the fog was extremely soggy and over time, both of their hair got frizzy and wet. It was okay though because they were having a great time together.


TusaRebecca and Steve…. Thank you for letting me capture this special time in your lives!

tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-31tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-1tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-6 tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-7tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-13tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-22 tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-29tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-18 tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-28tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-50tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-38 tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-45


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Boston State Room Wedding Photography – Stef and Matt


Concrete. Water. Glass. Metal.

We felt like we were seeing Boston for the first time again when we walked into the State Room’s, “Great Room”. It was 65 degrees in November and the Boston Red Sox were having their Championship Parade. What a perfect day for a celebration! From the State Room in Boston, we could also see Lo Presti Park, which was where we photographed their engagement session.Stef and Matt are an active pair who love to play sports together. Stef is also an excellent photographer, which made it even more exciting to work together with them!

Both wedding parties got ready at the Marriot, Long Wharf. Stef and Matt then had their first look on the wharf. Cheers and applause filled the air as Matt turned around to see his stunning bride for the first time. There wasn’t a by-stander around that didn’t stop to smile and congratulate the couple. Then we had a chance to explore Boston and craft portraits as we made our way to the State Room for the ceremony and reception.

 As soon as the guests arrived at the Great Room, they found themselves mesmerized and glued to the panoramic view of Boston. Then came the ceremony.Stef and Matt gave their hearts to each other as we seemed to float over the city.The hilarious toasts, the energetic dancing and general awesomeness were all a reflection of the hilarious, energetic and awesome spirit that the couple has when they’re together.Matt’s mother made homemade raspberry sauce as parting gifts for their guests. Yofred and I also brought some home and it was such a hit with my children, that they gave us some more when we ran out!

Stef and Matt….Thank you so much for allowing us to capture this special time in your lives.



State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-5 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-6

Steff’s secret message for Matt. =)

State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-13Matt and his brother having a moment with mom, with dad looking on.

State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-14 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-18 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-23 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-25 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-26
State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-28 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-29Silhouette of Make up artist and bride State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-31 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-32 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-39 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-33 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-35 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-36 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-41 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-37Stef’s mom read her “The Big Hungry Bear”, a book that she has been reading to Stef her whole life.
candid photo of mother helping daughter with wedding dress Mother helps daughter button up her dress State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-40 bride sits with birdcage veil bride looks out window necklace of the bride details of the waistline of the bride's wedding dress bride looks at boquet as she sits on a bet bride holds boquet in elevator birde kisses niece Boston Waterfront Sign A seagull flies in front of the camera on the boston waterfront State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-59On her way to see her groom!
State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-60 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-61 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-62 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-64 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-65 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-67 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-68 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-70 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-71
State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-77 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-78 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-79 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-82 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-83
State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-89 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-90 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-93State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-88
That view of Boston!
State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-96 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-97 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-95 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-98 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-99 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-103Sunset Ceremony in the State Room Boston State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-106 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-108 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-109 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-110 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-113Very cool “guest book” made from one of our engagement session images!
State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-115 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-118 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-120Bride and Groom First Dance State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-124 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-126 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-127 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-128State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-163 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-134As you can see, Matt was not expecting his brother to pull out his childhood chew toy!
State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-136 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-137 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-141 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-142 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-144 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-145 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-146 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-147 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-148state room boston bandState_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-153 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-154 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-155 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-159 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-160
State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-84 State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-161Success!State_Room_Boston_Wedding_Photographers-162












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Four Points Sheraton Norwood Wedding Photography – Cen + Jared

four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-3

four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-1 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-5 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-6 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-7 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-8 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-9 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-10 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-11 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-13 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-14 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-15 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-16 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-17 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-18 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-19 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-23 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-24 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-26 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-27 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-28 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-29 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-30 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-31 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-32 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-33 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-34 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-36 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-37 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-38 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-39 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-41 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-42 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-43 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-44 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-45 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-46 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-47 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-48 four points sheraton norwood wedding photography-50



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Stef + Matt – An East Boston Engagement Session

east boston engagement session-3east boston engagement session-1 east boston engagement session-2
east boston engagement session-4 east boston engagement session-6 east boston engagement session-7 east boston engagement session-8 east boston engagement session-9 east boston engagement session-10 east boston engagement session-12 east boston engagement session-13 east boston engagement session-14 east boston engagement session-15





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