She Can Palm His Face! Vidhya + Jerry – An NYC Engagement Session

With the promise of karaoke, ramen shops and photography megastores, visits to NYC are always satisfying. I usually make a couple of these trips each year to do engagement sessions for my New York clients. When paired with hilarious and fun couples, the trips become even better. I met Vidhya and Jerry for their NYC engagement session at High Line. It’s a unique public park built on an elevated section of a former railroad line. We shared a cordial greeting and it wasn’t long at all before they forgot about me being there. They just enjoyed spending time together, joking, dancing and face-palming. Their dynamic exudes an infectious, magnetic energy.

After spending a bit of time at High Line, we moved down to the street level. We explored the charming residential streets near the Meatpacking District. The laughs continued until the final seconds of our session and I’m pretty sure I still heard them laughing after we said goodbye to each other. Vidhya and Jerry, it was SUCH a pleasure spending time in the city with the two of you and capturing this special time in your lives.

vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-3vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-50vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-4vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-5vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-24vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-48When you claim you can pick her up, you need to prove it!vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-49vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-34vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-30vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-12Tracks to nowherevidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-40vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-45vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-55 vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-57 vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-58Facepalm!!vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-60vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-64vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-61


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