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An engagement session is a complimentary portrait session prior to your wedding day with two goals:

First, it’s to capture the essence of who you are as a couple in a location that you love as a backdrop. We can hang out at your apartment, go to your favorite park, hike to the top of a mountain or even go surfing! Our first goal is to capture YOUR connection with each other. Our second goal is to strengthen OUR connection with YOU. It’s extremely valuable for us to work together prior to your wedding day. You become more comfortable with us being around you with a camera. It’s the best preparation for us to create a custom experience for you.


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Scheduling a Session:

Sessions typically are done Monday through Thursday. Friday through Sunday are reserved for weddings, though some exceptions can be made, depending on the circumstances. Take a half-day off from work and have a date together before our session! =) The earlier we get your session booked the better. It will give us a little more time in case we have make a rain date. If you are using your images for a guest book or save the date cards please make sure to schedule a minimum of five weeks for editing, album design and printing to take place.

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The best time of day to have your session is either at sunrise, or during the “golden hour” and “magic hours,” which is the hour before sunset and the half hour after the sun falls below the horizon. This is when the light outside is more pleasant, especially on a sunny day when the mid-day sun can create harsh shadows on your faces, etc.

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What to do or Where to go:

Think of an activity or place that is significant to the two of you. The more meaningful the activity or place is, the more the photos will represent you as a couple. If there aren’t any that come to mind, think of something you have always wanted to do together: e.g. surfing, hot air balloon rides, etc. Sessions tend to last an hour and a half to two hours.

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 What to wear:

We have created fun and insightful guides to creating a look that represents who you are as individuals and as a couple that also matches the backdrop to your session. Please have a look at them and please keep in mind that these are not something that we want you to copy, but draw inspiration from.

Spring/Summer Engagement Session Style Guide

Fall/Winter Engagement Session Style Guide

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