Christopher Columbus Park and North End Boston Engagement Session – Ngan + Quan

We were so excited to finally get to photograph Ngan and Quan’s engagement session. Our first attempt was rained out and with complications in our schedules and with their wedding day fast approaching we found ourselves realizing that a sunrise engagement session just a few weeks before their wedding day was the best time for all of us. They chose the Christopher Columbus Park and the North end in Boston as the backdrop for this unique time in their lives. While photographing them in the North End, a cab pulled up behind us and between having a bunch of bags and the fact that the road was uneven, the woman inside the cab was having a hard time getting out of it. After helping her, she was so thankful and ended up offering to treat us to breakfast at the Mariners House where she worked. We happily obliged and took a break from shooting to enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal from the expert house chef. Ngan and Quan’s wedding photos will be on the blog in the coming weeks so check back then to see them. Thanks for looking!


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