Skipping Stones at Sunset: A Sweet Summer Engagement

A sweet summer romance in Cape Cod. We were gifted the perfect evening to explore the area around Quissett Harbor. A gorgeous sunset, beautiful skies, but most of all, an incredible love and connection in Annie and Lukas.


Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-1Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-29 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-4 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-5 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-7 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-8Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-10 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-12 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-15 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-16Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-18 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-19 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-20Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-22Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-25 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-23Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-33Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-36Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-30Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-37 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-38 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-41 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-44Swatting flies away in style.
Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-47Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-31 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-48 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-50 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-51 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-53 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-54 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-55 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-56 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-57Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-64Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-67Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-69 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-70Black-Fly

When black flies attack!!Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-73Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-68 Annie + Lukas - Engagement Session - For Print-65


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Gorgeous Fog Rolls Through Boston Engagement Session

There’s no need to worry if there isn’t going to be blue skies and white puffy clouds during your engagement session (or even wedding!). Actually, what one might consider bad weather during your engagement session can create an opportunity for your photos to be unique to you.

We started TusaRebecca and Steve’s engagement session at Castle Island in South Boston. They brought their doggie, Baxter, along and we had such a nice time together. An extremely heavy and damp fog rolled in before the session began, which created a really unique situation. The soft, grey fog provided a romantic backdrop for our time at the park. At one point it was so thick that we couldn’t even see the water right behind them (second image).

After spending some time at Castle Island, we dropped Baxter off at their place and headed into the heart of Boston to the Public Gardens. By then, the skies had cleared up and the weather gave us a soft cloud cover, which also prepared the way for an unforgettable, pink sunset. We ended their engagement session down by the Esplanade where TusaRebecca and Steve joined in on a dance meet-up taking place on the docks. They fit right in!

TusaRebecca and Steve were both so fun and playful during their session. Bringing their dog Baxter along for part of the time, allowed them to get meaningful photos with him as well. Every weather situation presents its own challenges, but as long as you’re ready and accepting of them, you can have a wonderful time no matter what the circumstances are. For example, the fog was extremely soggy and over time, both of their hair got frizzy and wet. It was okay though because they were having a great time together.


TusaRebecca and Steve…. Thank you for letting me capture this special time in your lives!

tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-31tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-1tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-6 tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-7tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-13tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-22 tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-29tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-18 tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-28tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-50tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-38 tusarebecca-steve-engagement-session-for-print-45


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Emily + Juan – A Misty Morning Engagement Session in Rockport

I met Emily, Juan, and their dog, Chico, just before sunrise for their engagement session. We explored the calming seaside together on a misty morning in Rockport. The first thing I noticed about them was their warm dynamic and playfulness. After spending time on the rocky coast, we went to a house that is in Juan’s family. Finally, we went to Bearskin Neck and got to pick up lobster and enjoy having what is normally a bustling tourist location, all to ourselves. It was also on this morning that Emily and Juan introduced me to lemon Luna Bars (yummm). I can’t wait to share their love-filled, Gloucester wedding day with you!

emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-3 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-7 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-9 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-12 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-16 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-24 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-25 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-30 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-31 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-33 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-35 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-36 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-37 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-40 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-47 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-49 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-50 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-52 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-53 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-55 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-56 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-58 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-59 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-63 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-69emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-95emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-98 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-99emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-100emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-101emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-74 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-76 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-79 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-81 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-84emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-92 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-85 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-86 emily-juan-engagement-session-for-print-90


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She Can Palm His Face! Vidhya + Jerry – An NYC Engagement Session

With the promise of karaoke, ramen shops and photography megastores, visits to NYC are always satisfying. I usually make a couple of these trips each year to do engagement sessions for my New York clients. When paired with hilarious and fun couples, the trips become even better. I met Vidhya and Jerry for their NYC engagement session at High Line. It’s a unique public park built on an elevated section of a former railroad line. We shared a cordial greeting and it wasn’t long at all before they forgot about me being there. They just enjoyed spending time together, joking, dancing and face-palming. Their dynamic exudes an infectious, magnetic energy.

After spending a bit of time at High Line, we moved down to the street level. We explored the charming residential streets near the Meatpacking District. The laughs continued until the final seconds of our session and I’m pretty sure I still heard them laughing after we said goodbye to each other. Vidhya and Jerry, it was SUCH a pleasure spending time in the city with the two of you and capturing this special time in your lives.

vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-3vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-50vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-4vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-5vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-24vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-48When you claim you can pick her up, you need to prove it!vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-49vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-34vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-30vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-12Tracks to nowherevidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-40vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-45vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-55 vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-57 vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-58Facepalm!!vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-60vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-64vidhya-jerry-engagement-session-for-print-61


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Try to Say That Three Times Fast

Autumn apple orchard engagement session. Autumn apple orchard engagement session. Autumn apple orchard engagement session. Phew!

Kat and TJ live on the west coast but flew into town the week before their wedding to get settled and ready for the big day. This also allowed us to get together in Kat’s hometown for an engagement session. The reason we include engagement sessions in all of our commissions is because there is an invaluable benefit of getting to know our clients (and them getting to know us) better by hanging out for a couple of hours before their wedding day. This always leads to a more relaxed, comfortable and confident client on the wedding day.

We spent most of the session at a private apple orchard, which is owned by a long time friend of Kat’s family. This orchard was IMMACULATE. I don’t think I saw a single apple or even a single leaf on the ground. Kat and TJ love to have fun and joke around together. We walked around the property searching for interesting environments and nice light while chatting about Kat’s anthropology work and TJ’s environmental work. I also got to hear TJ’s flawless Irish accent as they envisioned themselves on a trip to Ireland.

And of course we had to top off our visit with an apple tasting! We each got to enjoy a juicy apple, which we believe were Macoun. For the last part of the session, we moved to a nearby park to catch the last light of the night. The sun decided to peek through the clouds for about a minute and gave us a beautiful, pink and purple skyscape, which we ended the session with.

Check back in the future to see their wedding images and a special thanks to Fukuya, who is a talented photographer from Japan who tagged along and helped me with the session.

kat-tj-engagement-session-for-print-1kat-tj-engagement-session-for-print-4 kat-tj-engagement-session-for-print-5kat-tj-engagement-session-for-print-10 kat-tj-engagement-session-for-print-7kat-tj-engagement-session-for-print-14 kat-tj-engagement-session-for-print-16 kat-tj-engagement-session-for-print-18 kat-tj-engagement-session-for-print-19 kat-tj-engagement-session-for-print-25kat-tj-engagement-session-for-print-30 kat-tj-engagement-session-for-print-32 kat-tj-engagement-session-for-print-33kat-tj-engagement-session-for-print-36kat-tj-engagement-session-for-print-27 kat-tj-engagement-session-for-print-37kat-tj-engagement-session-for-print-44kat-tj-engagement-session-for-print-46 kat-tj-engagement-session-for-print-53kat-tj-engagement-session-for-print-51kat-tj-engagement-session-for-print-57 kat-tj-engagement-session-for-print-60


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