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Try to Say That Three Times Fast

Autumn apple orchard engagement session. Autumn apple orchard engagement session. Autumn apple orchard engagement session. Phew!

Kat and TJ live on the west coast but flew into town the week before their wedding to get settled and ready for the big day. This also allowed us to get together in Kat’s hometown for an engagement session. The reason we include engagement sessions in all of our commissions is because there is an invaluable benefit of getting to know our clients (and them getting to know us) better by hanging out for a couple of hours before their wedding day. This always leads to a more relaxed, comfortable and confident client on the wedding day.

We spent most of the session at a private apple orchard, which is owned by a long time friend of Kat’s family. This orchard was IMMACULATE. I don’t think I saw a single apple or even a single leaf on the ground. Kat and TJ love to have fun and joke around together. We walked around the property searching for interesting environments and nice light while chatting about Kat’s anthropology work and TJ’s environmental work. I also got to hear TJ’s flawless Irish accent as they envisioned themselves on a trip to Ireland.

And of course we had to top off our visit with an apple tasting! We each got to enjoy a juicy apple, which we believe were Macoun. For the last part of the session, we moved to a nearby park to catch the last light of the night. The sun decided to peek through the clouds for about a minute and gave us a beautiful, pink and purple skyscape, which we ended the session with.

Check back in the future to see their wedding images and a special thanks to Fukuya, who is a talented photographer from Japan who tagged along and helped me with the session.

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