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Sunrise at Coolidge Reservation – Jenny + Nathan

Here’s a recent session at Coolidge Reservation. The conditions were ripe for a beautiful sunrise on the coast. We’re honored to document Jenny and Nathan’s first sunrise together and they were such a pleasure to work with. We’ll be documenting their wedding this December and are so excited about it!

Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-1 Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-2 Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-3 Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-4 Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-9 Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-11 Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-12 Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-15 Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-16 Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-17 Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-20 Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-23 Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-24 Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-25 Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-26 Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-28 Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-29 Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-33 Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-34Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-40Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-35Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-44 Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-36 Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-41 Coolidge Reservation Engagement Photos-43


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Bourne Mansion Wedding in Long Island – Michelle + Andrew

Michelle and Andrew played incredible hosts to their guests on a gorgeous day in Long Island. Not only were their guests given a beautiful environment, good food and an unforgettable dance party, they were also given their fill in love.  Their entire beings exuded this contagious excitement to be eternally connected. You could see it on their faces as they exchanged tear-filled glances during the ceremony and you could hear it in their kind and love-filled vows. Please enjoy the beauty of their day below and you can also view their Purgatory Chasm engagement session here. Michelle and Andrew. Thank you so much for allowing to be part of such a special time in your lives.

Bourne mansion wedding Photos-1

Bourne mansion wedding Photos-7 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-3 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-6 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-8 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-10 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-11 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-13 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-14 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-15 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-16 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-17 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-18 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-20 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-21Bourne mansion wedding Photos-27 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-25 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-26Bourne mansion wedding Photos-34 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-28 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-35 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-37 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-38 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-41 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-43 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-44 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-47
Both Michelle and Andrew’s eyes were welled-up with tears. Look at the confidence that Michelle’s dad gives her away with.Bourne mansion wedding Photos-48 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-49 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-50 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-52 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-53 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-54 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-55 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-58 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-59Bourne mansion wedding Photos-65 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-63Bourne mansion wedding Photos-56Bourne mansion wedding Photos-71 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-69 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-70BEATUP

Andrew’s getting a little “welcome to the family” beat down.

Bourne mansion wedding Photos-77Bourne mansion wedding Photos-72 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-74 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-78 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-84 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-85 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-90 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-92 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-93 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-94 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-96Bourne mansion wedding Photos-104 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-99 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-101 Bourne mansion wedding Photos-102


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Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session – Paula + Matt

Paula and Matt have become great friends in the process of connecting through the photography world. Matt is an excellent photographer, so you can imagine that it’s a little intimidating to photograph another photographer. Being curious myself of how other photographers work, one of my main questions was whether or not Matt would be super-aware of the camera simply out of curiosity from his love for the craft. We started our session at Canary Square, a place that Paula and Matt frequent to unwind and enjoy each other’s company. It’s also the place where Matt challenged Paula to their first knife duel (seen below). Then we hopped over to the scenic Arnold Arboretum for the rest of the session. My question was answered as soon as we started shooting and I realized I didn’t have to worry at all because Paula and Matt were too into each other to even care that I was there. This was PERFECT! They’ll be getting married in California next year and it was an honor to document this special time in their lives, so close to home.


Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-1Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-7Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-3 Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-2 Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-6Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-1-4

Matt gently whispers into the ear of the love of his life, “I challenge you to a knife duel!!”Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-2-2 Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-8Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-19Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-17Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-12 Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-9 Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-13 Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-14 Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-16Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-15 Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-20 Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-22Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-1-3 Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-25 Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-26Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-28 Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session-27


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